Sneziana Vlainits is a distinguished entrepreneur with an extensive career traversing various industries and geographical regions. After obtaining Greek citizenship in 1980, Ms. Vlainits embarked on her business journey in 1987 by founding Yugo-Hellas, a Thessaloniki-based trading entity. The company's global operations primarily revolved around trading raw materials and an array of products, including fresh produce, livestock, and more. Her resilience and adaptability enabled her to develop strategic compensatory arrangements tailored to the ever-evolving market needs.

During the challenging times of the early '90s concerning the former SFRY, Ms. Vlainits's philanthropic spirit shone as she established a foundation dedicated to assisting the Serbian populace and its military.

By the mid-'90s, Ms. Vlainits broadened her professional horizons, consulting on interstate financing projects, which aimed at economic upliftment in less developed nations. Furthermore, her business endeavors diversified to include trading in precious commodities like gold and diamonds.

A significant chapter of her life commenced in 1999 with the birth of her child with Down Syndrome. This personal experience reshaped her focus and drove her towards advocacy. In 2004, Ms. Vlainits transitioned to Cyprus and founded Eurastechnology (Cyprus) LTD. As the General Director, she spearheaded the company's successful trajectory. In a strategic move in 2008, she divested 51% of the company's shares to her husband, Zoran Kostic, integrating his patented waterproofing technology.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Ms. Vlainits stands out as a fervent activist. Since 2005, she has ardently championed the rights of developmentally disabled children and broader human rights within her community. Her dedication led her to serve on the Board of Directors of the Association of Parents and Children with Disabilities in Limassol from 2017 to 2023, where she held the position of secretary.

Presently, Ms. Vlainits is initiating a foundation in Cyprus dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with developmental disabilities and aiding children from socioeconomically challenged backgrounds. Her dynamic career, rooted in business acumen and a deep-seated commitment to humanitarian efforts, speaks volumes about her devotion to both professional and community advancement.