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OEM Companies

For brands looking to white-label our  revolutionary sealing solution for both critical and household infrastructure, we provide a complete program for you looking to offer customers a proven, high-performance solution without the time and expense associated with R&D.



As a key element of our business ecosystem, contractors play a pivotal role in bringing our products and services to life. Whether it's installation, maintenance, or specialized construction tasks, contractors are our on-the-ground experts who ensure that our projects are executed to the highest standards.


Engineering Firms:

Engineering firms specializing in civil, mechanical, and environmental bring in-depth technical expertise and innovative solutions are at the heart of many of our most ambitious projects.


Distributors & Dealers

We partner with an extensive network of distributors who support our dealers, contractors and engineers.  These partnership benefits us by expanding our reach and simplifying logistical challenges.

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European Headquarters

Located in beautiful Cyprus, we invite you to experience European Hospitality.

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North American Office

Located in spectacular Miami, this office serves both North and South America.

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United Kingdom Office

Contact Us for any questions, concerns, or assistance you may need. Our dedicated team is here to help and provide the support you require.


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Why choose us for your projects?
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Why choose us for your projects?