Euras Executive Team

Chairman & Co-Founder

Zoran Kostić

In 1990, Zoran pioneered an EU-patented waterproofing system that went far beyond traditional barrier methods. His innovative approach utilized a high-pressure mineral-based gel injection that expels and absorbs water in damaged construction areas. He is a world-renowned expert in advanced hydro-insulating technologies.
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David Moore

A seasoned financial strategist with over 35 years of leadership, David transformed Sangoma from a hardware-focused business to a SaaS titan. His extensive career spans prestigious CFO roles in both Private and Public companies, as well as VP Finance, Planning, and HR positions at Fortune 100 companies.
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Pavle Andjelkovic

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Pavle's touch turns ventures into success stories. His advisory roles across numerous public and private enterprises bear testimony to his unmatched business insight and strategic planning abilities. He leads Euras as it's global President
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COO & Co-Founder

Sneziana Vlainits

She expanded the reach of Euras Technology by founding it in Cyprus in 2004. Advocating for children with developmental disabilities since 1999, she served on Limassol's disability board from 2017-2023 and is now launching a supportive foundation. Her story showcases her business prowess and deep humanitarian dedication.
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In House Legal Counsel

Luka Vodinelić

Luka Vodinelić has been instrumental in ensuring our operations are compliant and efficient navigating the complex landscape of legalities. With expertise in contracts, patents, and commercial agreements, Luka’s guidance anchors our decision-making, fortifying the firm's reputation and success.
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Awards and Certifications

Patented Technology

Our company has been awarded European patents. These patents are not just ornamental but have substantially driven our product offerings, empowering clients with cutting-edge solutions.

German Certification

We are proud to have received certification from Germany's prestigious technical inspection association, underscoring our commitment to high-quality products and services.

ISO 27001

Our certification reflects our steadfast commitment to security, from customer data to internal communications maintaining the highest standards in protecting the confidentiality information.

Service Excellence:

We believe that exceptional customer service is non-negotiable. We actively engage with our clients to understand their needs providing bespoke solutions guaranteeing 100% Satisfaction.


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