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Hamm, Germany
Wiemer&Trachte AG, Siemens AG

Existing damage to the structure were within the zone of dilation of the walls, near built-in tubular inlets, with water-permeable cracks and dysfunctional injection protections between wall and floor.

Repair of moisture in the basement section of the object



Kraftwerk Hamm-Uentrop serves as a pivotal power station, responsible for generating electricity for thousands of households and businesses in its locality. Maintaining the structural integrity of such a critical infrastructure is of utmost importance.

Problem Statement

Several existing damages were identified:

  • Zone of dilation on walls
  • Built-in tubular inlets with water-permeable cracks
  • Dysfunctional injection protections between wall and floor


Diagnostic Process

An extensive diagnostic process was conducted to understand the depth and severity of the issues. High-resolution imaging, pressure testing, and material sampling were a few of the techniques used for this purpose.

Materials and Solutions

After diagnostics, Euras Gel Type B was identified as a suitable material for the restoration process due to its exceptional sealing properties.


Wall Dilatation Sealing

Wall dilatations were targeted first due to their potential for causing broader structural failure. Euras Gel Type B was injected to create a homogeneous sealer in the dilatation zones.

Tubular Inlet and Injection Hose System Repair

The same Euras Gel was used for filling the zones around the tubular inlets and supplementing defects caused by previous injection hose system failures.


Gel control wells were set up to monitor the performance and penetration of the gel into the affected zones. These control wells also enabled groundwater elimination.


More than 2000 kg of Euras Gel Type B was utilized for the project. Post-restoration inspections confirmed that the issues related to leaking had been permanently eliminated.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The restoration process at Kraftwerk Hamm-Uentrop was a resounding success, with all targeted problem areas sufficiently addressed and sealed. It is recommended that:

  • Regular diagnostic assessments are conducted to preemptively identify structural issues.
  • A monitoring system for groundwater and structural stress be set up for real-time data.


We would like to express our gratitude to the engineering and technical team who ensured the success of this critical restoration project.


  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for Euras Gel Type B
  • Post-Restoration Inspection Reports

By adhering to meticulous planning and utilizing advanced material solutions, the project successfully reinstated the structural integrity of Kraftwerk Hamm-Uentrop, ensuring its continued operational effectiveness in serving the community.

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