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We are the only company that can boast 100% success in the sealing of Infrastructure.

The escalating frequency and severity of water-related disasters, coupled with the unpredictability of climate change, have thrust water and flood remediation into the forefront of global challenges. Euras Technologies, a frontrunner in water and flood remediation, emerges as an unparalleled ally in this pursuit.

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Sample Costs of Common Services

Pool Sealings
  • Evaluation of Pool
  • Up to 10KG Gel
  • Patching of Pool
  • 10 Year Warranty
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Garage Leaks
  • Xray of Existing Concrete Structure
  • Up to 5KG of Magic Gel Intense
  • Isolation Barrier Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Leaky Basements
  • Neutron Radiography
  • Up to 50KG of Magic Gel
  • 20M of Magic Shell
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Why Choose Us

Costs of Untreated Water Damage

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